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Use of water vapor:
Water vapor has temperature about 300oC and can be further used as heat-carrier, for example, in boiler or in heat-changer water heater of surface of mixing type or as energy carrier in vapor-turbine installation.

Use of pyrolysis gas:
- receiving of electro energy for autonomic work of installation and for output of energy to consumer (autonomic supply with electro energy)
- the gas could be burned down in the furnace to receive heat energy or electro energy (for example for heating of water)
- the gas could be condensed in cylinders or into liquid and used as domestic fuel
- after necessary modification can be used as a gas fuel for inner combustion engine

Advantages of pyrolysis gas:
High calorie (4500 – 5000 kcal/m3 in the absence of nitrogen and its oxides NOX (absence of nitrogen in pyrolysis gas is due to excluding of air – the process occurs in vacuum).

Calorie of burning liquid
5500-6000 kcal/m3. It can be used as boiler fuel without any modifications. Or after corresponding modification as a diesel fuel for inner combustion engines.

Calorie of coal-like residue
7000 kcal/kg. It can be activated for receiving a charcoal or use for preparation of fuel briquettes.

Using pirolysis results
Pirolysis devices
Dump oil recycling
Systems of water purification and demineralisation
Urban ore recycling