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LLC "Research and production company "Energia"" as a result of the research in the sphere of alternative ecologically safe energetics developed the unique technology, which allows receiving electric, thermal and mechanical energy after waste recycling.

There can be the recycling of any organic substances:

  • unsorted urban ore (for example, paper, food waste, metals, paints etc.);
  • organic minerals (coal, peat), which are not used in production due to their low caloricity;
  • waste wood, agricultural waste;
  • unrefinable crude and oil refining by-products (bitumens, asphaltens etc.);

The heart of the technical apparatus developed by LLC "Research and production company "Energia"" is in the technology of THERMAL SHOCK. The essence of the THERMAL SHOCK is in momentary (with the speed about 104 degree/sec) heating of the substances to the boundaries of its existence in condensate form. As a result there is a gasification of the substances with formation of pyrolysis gas, which can be used in different kinds of production later on.

The technology of THERMAL SHOCK allows:

1) to receive steam practically without spending of building heat;
2) to separate steam at the first stage of the process so there is the ability to bleed it to the consumers (in any other methods steam can not be used, it goes to the atmosphere);
3) to omit the stage of materials drying (so the energy saving is about 30%).

the pyrolysis apparatus (based on the technology of THERMAL SHOCK) has some crucial advantages:

  • The temperature of the received gas is not higher than 700oC;
  • Water and steam received during the process of recycling can be used for heating of welfare spaces;
  • The gasification process allows separating effectively inorganic substances. During the pyrolysis linear molecules are gasified on the verge of 100% and determine gas caloricity, because the composition of received substances is near to the composition of initial waste.
  • Ashes after the combustion chamber represents on the verge of 100% inorganic substance.
  • During the oxidation there is performed the chemical analysis directed on the eduction of dioxins and not fully burnt down substances. So the ecologically dangerous substances (NOx, CO and dioxins) are not formed within due limits.
  • Since the pyrolysis gas is formed before incineration of waste it contains far less adulterants.

The technical apparatus suggested by LLC "Research and production company "Energia"" can be modified according to different kinds of waste:

Urban ore recycling

In the offered technology the process of urban ore recycling is organized along the module scheme. The preliminary sorted and atomized waste goes firstly through drying (without water losses, water is collected, purified and used during the work of the factory) and then oxidation and pyrolysis with simultaneous getting of useful products - high-caloric pyrolysis gas and valuable coal-like residue (which can be used as raw material for fertilizer production and construction industry).Due to oxidation and the cupric catalyzation camera of gas purification all dangerous substances are segregated to the solid residue and their emission (including the emission of dioxins) is practically absent.

The scheme of urban ore recycling system.

The advantages of the process:

  • Relatively small energy consumption for the unit of urban ore recycling because: 1) smaller then usual for such kind of processes quantity of material is heated up; 2) there is used mainly entropic character of pyrolysis.
  • Small spending of oxygen (air).
  • Maximum permissible recycling and waste destruction.
  • Minimal possible quantity of substances excluded from system.
  • The recycling of waste wood and agricultural waste, plastics, low caloric minerals (coal, peat), unrefinable crude and oil refining by-products (bitumens, asphaltens).

The scheme of waste wood recycling system.

Products received as a result of different kinds of recycling waste and materials can be widely used in production:

Steam has the temperature about 300oC and later on can be used: 1) as a coolant, for example, in boiler or in self-supporting heat transfer device and water heater of superficial and mixing type; 2) as an energy carrier, for example, in steam turbine plant.
The application of pyrolysis gas:
  • receiving electrical energy for self-inclusive work of the facilities and for directing energy for customers (autonomous energy supporting of the whole household);
  • gas can be burned in furnace in order to receive thermal and electric energy (for example, for heating water);
  • gas can be condensed into balloons can be used as a domestic fuel;
  • after the necessary modification it can be used as a gas fuel for combustion engine;
    The advantages of pyrolysis gas:
    a) high caloricity (4500-5000kkal/m3),
    b) absence of azote and its oxides NOx (the absence of azote in pyrolysis gas is explained by the fact that air is eliminated during the pyrolysis process because the process takes place in vacuum)
    Caloricity is 5500-6000kkal/m3. It can be used as a boiler fuel without any modifications or after the proper modification as a diesel fuel for the combustion engines.
    Caloricity is 7000kkal/m3. It can be used for absorbent carbon production or for production of fuel bricks.

    The technical characteristics of the facility, offered by LLC "Research and production company "Energia"" are the following:

    Platform for reactor 1000m2
    Height 5-7m
    Productivity 50000 tons a year
    Caloricity of gas in output 4500-5000 kkal/m3
    Thermal power of the burner 5 МW
    Time of continuous performance 20 years

    LLC "Research and production company "Energia""also offers an opportunity of development Technical and Economic Assessment and Working documentation, selection of optimal working conditions after the initial material analysis.

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